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Fairness:  treating people in a way that does not favor some over others.


Here at Jones & Jones we know how it feels to be seriously injured due to the negligence of others. Prior to joining, Jones & Jones, Judith was hit by a cement truck. She went with a well-known law firm, but she recovered nothing for her bodily injuries. While working as a prosecutor for the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office, Steven was struck by a driver in an SUV; totaling his vehicle. He had to be pried out of his car and was rushed to the hospital. He spent several months off of work recovering from his injuries. As a result, he knows first-hand how difficult and frustrating it is to suffer an injury that completely disrupts your life. But, he made the right decision; he decided to handle his own case and received a significant settlement from the at fault party. As a result of their experiences, they started the Jones & Jones Law Group, LLC. Whether soft tissue injuries or broken bones make the right decision and call Jones & Jones.


Many of our family law clients approach our firm at some of the most difficult points in their lives. While families are supposed to provide security and emotional support they can also be the source of great pain and heartache; forcing people to turn to the law for relief. Call Jones & Jones before you approach the courthouse steps. Our staff knows what it is like to struggle with family law issues both as clients and advocates. As such, we can provide not only sound legal advice but also a listening ear to help guide you through many of your issues. We will fight tooth and nail for our clients and, if possible, attempt to salvage some semblance of the family structure that was broken. Unfortunately, hurt people hurt people; call Jones & Jones and start the healing process today.


Felonies are crimes that carry a sentence of more than one year in prison. Felonies include but are not limited to: burglary, drugs, aggravated assault, and theft, to name a few. Misdemeanors are crimes that carry up to twelve months in custody and/or a fine. Misdemeanors include but are not limited to: DUI, battery, and traffic offenses. Our attorneys honed their trial skills as prosecutors in Fulton County Georgia (Atlanta). Steven made a name for himself that was both respected and feared as a trial attorney while working as a Chief Senior Assistant District Attorney for the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office. Judith made the courtroom her second home and became a highly regarded trial lawyer as an Assistant Solicitor General for the Fulton County Solicitor General’s Office.


You need a legal team that knows the criminal justice system in order to fight it. Don’t go it alone. Call Jones & Jones!